Cherry Spirit

Cherry Spirit


Exclusive cherry spirit. Traditional fruit spirit by HOMBRE’s. The spirit is made according to a new recipe of the master distiller Libor Zbojan. The HOMBRE’s distillery in Hostouň possesses a modern handicraft distillery, which strives to produce top-notch quality items from its beginning. The fruit comes from regional growers and it is processed immediately after harvest, so it preserves its natural aroma and taste.

HOMBRE’s Cherry Spirit – a truly exquisite spirit with a demanding preparation. There are 12 kilograms of ripe aromatic cherries, destalked and pitted, in every bottle. This labour-intensive preparation is rewarded with a brilliant taste which is very pure with a literal cherry on top, fruit flavour and aroma. All of this in a spirit which is distilled eight times and aged afterwards.

And it was definitely worth the wait. The combination of select cherries, Hostouň water from the Upper Palatine Forest, and meticulous handwork. Simply an excellent spirit which is pleasure to taste.

Libor Zbojan



+420 776 333 696 (Czech Republic)



Petra Bezruče 31
345 25, Hostouň
Czech Republic
Identification number: 02666596