El Bandido

El Bandido


El Bandido is an original herb liqueur from Libor Zbojan. This masterpiece is defined by an intense taste with distinct flavours and captivating aromas of vanilla, orange and anise, and a balanced bittersweet taste and positive effects on the digestive system.

The colour is dark to reddish brown as an effect of the orange zest, roots, and herbs which were used during the liqueur’s production.

The taste is full, with distinct orange-vanilla and herb flavour.

During its production, a mix of tens of herbs is macerated in alcohol, then it is filtered and stored in barrels for aging. As such, all important substances are gradually released from the herbs and finally, the mixture is tasted and it is mixed with water and alcohol.

A beverage, which should be drunk ice-cold, is suitable for drinking by itself or in cocktails.

HOMBRE’s El Bandido may be categorized as an orange bitter, which are nowadays going through a renaissance among cocktail lovers. For many years, it was rather difficult to find them in the Czech Republic as well as in the world, but now it is finally possible to buy them from us as well.

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