Rum Premium

Rum Premium


The current edition of HOMBRE’s Premium Rum totals only 500 bottles as a demonstration of its originality and exceptionality. The limited edition embodies a selection of the most remarkable of what the global market has to offer. However, exceptionality is guaranteed by the HOMBRE’s brand. The total number of bottles mirrors the fact that it is possible to produce only a limited amount of truly exceptional spirit.

For Premium

“A blend of carefully chosen first-class Caribbean rums, which were aged in selected oak barrels for 12 years. A balanced harmony of smoothness, strength, and extraordinary character is created by rums from well-known rum regions, such as Panama, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.”

Two friends, one dream, and a clear goal to create only the best. The same as this authentic rum created by Libor Zbojan and a rum specialist, Honza Končel from Hostouň in the Domažlice area.

Libor Zbojan



+420 776 333 696 (Czech Republic)



Petra Bezruče 31
345 25, Hostouň
Czech Republic
Identification number: 02666596